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Dear WITS Members: 

On April 8, the membership voted to accept the proposed revisions to our By-laws. The PDF link is here. 

General highlights of changes include: Minor revisions to membership to clearly include students; acceptance of dues later than 12/31; BOD includes moving Membership back to a BOD position to ensure we meet minimum of 10 BOD members; BOD being able to authorize longer terms of office to ensure sufficient volunteer participation; implementing the requirement that a member must have served on the BOD at least one year at some point prior to assuming new office; updating for email communications and giving flexibility to elections times due to weather problems in winter; updating financial info to address use of ATM/Debit card; updating web issues such as posting meeting minutes; giving flexibility to meeting schedule to allow for excursions or summer meetings; updating Nominating committee minimum members to ensure sufficient volunteer participation. 

The membership also voted in our new 2014-2015 BOD:

President: Lori Gedon (will be president from 7/2014 - 6/2016, then one year as past President)
VP: Phyllis Testo (will be VP 7/2014 - 6/2016)
Co-Treasurers: Brian Gallagher and George Kirsh (co- treasurers from 7/2013 - 6/2015)
Past President: Janet Dudley (7/2014 -6/2015 1 year term)

Recording Sec: Elaine Cuilik (1 year extension till 6/2015) 
Corres. Sec: Gloria Vanderpoel (1 year extension till 6/2015) 
Membership Director: Eileen Seery (1 year extension till 6/2015) 

Phyllis Rathbun (1 year extension till 6/2015)
Rich Giordano (will be on till 6/2015)

Dominic Karl (will be on 7/2014 - 6/2016) 
Cynthia Miller - Aird (will be on 7/2014 - 6/2016) 

As an all-volunteer organization, WITS needs your help and support. We always appreciate member feedback and constructive suggestions, and we will continue to reach out regularly and repeatedly for member support. There will be many opportunities to help this year and, frankly, we cannot do it without you.  

Feel free to invite non-members to our events; better yet, encourage them to join us! The more the merrier! 

And always know that WITS will continue to work as hard as we can for its members: Our goal is always to maintain the integrity of the organization, give value and education to our members, and grow our reputation and membership within the travel industry.  

I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve such a unique and fine organization, 


Janet Dudley - Tenon Tours  
WITS Past President