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Dear WITS members: 

The strength of any healthy organization comes from two sources: its dedicated members and its equally dedicated leaders. It is with the latter in mind that we announce some noteworthy changes in the WITS board for the coming year. 

Dominic Karl will assume the presidency as of July 1. 

And, as Amy Gerling has declined to serve on the board, there now exists a board vacancy to be filled by another WITS member.  

As of this writing, the WITS officers board comprises:

President: Dominic Karl (President from 7/2015 - 6/2016, then one year as Past President)
VP: Phyllis Testo (VP ‘til 6/2016)
Treasurer: Phyllis Rathbun ('til 6/2017)
Recording Secretary: Elaine Cuilik (1 year extension 'til 6/2016)
Corresponding Secretary: Gloria Vanderpoel (1 year extension 'til 6/2016)
Membership Director: Eileen Seery (1 year extension 'til 6/2016)

Cynthia Miller-Aird (‘til 6/2016)

Caroline Graham (‘til 6/2016)

Rich Giordano (extension till 6/2017)

New BOARD Member:
Pat Colongione (7/2015 - 6/2017)

The WITS board is confident in the ability of these officers to guide our organization forward in the days ahead with strength and effectiveness. We are here to serve on your behalf, and to encourage the growth and success of your businesses. We welcome suggestions and ideas that will contribute to achieving those goals.

We hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying your summer. Here is to an outstanding 2015-2016 & an even better 2016-2017!

Professionally Yours,

WITS Board of Directors